A quiet weekend, looking ahead; Depressed Buttons online; Lala no more; Pizza night at TWR…

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I saw a grand total of zero bands this weekend. Zero, as in none. I wanted to see music, but there just wasn’t anything going on except karaoke and tribute acts. Hopefully that’ll change in the coming weeks, though the list of just-announced shows in the One Percent monthly e-mail seems to indicate that we’re only going to get about one “important” out-of-town show per week moving forward. Sure, there’s always the usual CD release parties and the plethora of local-band showcases around Benson, but only a few nationals stood out on the list of just-scheduled gigs, including One EskimO (June 21), Maps & Atlases (July 7), Rogue Wave (July 18), and Tokyo Police Club (Aug. 1). In the “already announced” category is Blitzen Trapper next Monday, The Mountain Goats July 13, Deerhoof and (in a separate show) Mates of State June 25, The Hold Steady July 6, MAHA Festival July 24, Miniature Tigers Aug. 5, and The Black Keys Aug. 9. Missing from the list is that DEVO show that was rumored all over town and even posted on the Anchor Inn website (but never announced on the One Percent site) — that show is in limbo as far as anyone knows.

One other show 1% announced today:  The next MAHA festival play-in round June 24 at The Waiting Room. Those competing for a spot on the festival’s small stage are The Matt Cox Band, Midwest Dilemma, Honey & Darling, Tim Wildsmith and Landing On The Moon. Seeing as I’m 0 for 1 in the predictions department (I predicted Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship would win the last battle of the bands at Slowdown, while generic rockers Betsy Wells took the prize), let me add to my abysmal average by saying that had I a vote to  cast, it would go to either Honey & Darling or Landing on the Moon, but that Tim Wildsmith will win the contest. Place your bets…

Speaking of MAHA, the organization posted a comment on Facebook the other day implying that The Faint’s performance at their festival would be the band’s last: “Given the most recent post on their Facebook page, fans of The Faint had better savor the performance at MAHA,” it said. The comment is in reference to Depressed Buttons, who I talked about in this blog back in April (here, to be exact). The new “band” (their terminology) features Clark Baechle, Todd Fink and Jacob Thiele, and has been busy building a blog — located at depressedbuttons.com — and putting tracks online at a soundcloud page, located here (They’ve also got a Twitter page, here). It’s electronic, it’s DJ, it’s remixing, it’s a party. I’m not sure that it’ll be anything beyond their version of Daft Punk (Will there be helmets?). Does Depressed Buttons spell the end of The Faint? I’m doubtful, even though Dapose is working on projects of his own and Joel Petersen is busy at Enamel Studios. Time will tell.

* * *

Just as it was announced, lala.com closed its online doors for good yesterday, offering credit for iTunes to those with a balance on their lala account. All those awesome lala imbeds on reviews sites like Pitchfork have disappeared. Now we wait to see what Apple decides to do with the service. There was a rumor that they intended to use lala as a base for offering iTunes “in the cloud,” but now I’m hearing that might not happen due to ongoing contract/rights negotiations/disputes with various record labels. It would be a drag if Apple bought the service only to shut it down.

* * *

Cass Brostad, Blue Sharks and Matt Cox are performing at tonight’s Pizza Review event at The Waiting Room. $10 gets you all the pizza you want from 20 different pizza vendors, with proceeds going to the food bank. It starts at 6 p.m.

Also tonight, Philly punk band The Menzingers play at Slowdown Jr. with Cheap Girls, La Casa Bombas and Speak Easy. 8 p.m., $10.

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