CWS and the slow pace of things lately…

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by Tim McMahan,


I almost didn’t post an update today, like I didn’t post an update on Tuesday, and the reason — there just ain’t that much going on. There are a few good shows on the horizon (The Hold Steady tomorrow; Blue Bird on Saturday), but as a whole, we’re in a down time that will only get downer as the College World Series launches today at “The Trade” (A more lame-ass nickname I could not devise. Thank you, OWH…).

Unless you’re into the college sports scene (and I’m not), it’s a pretty dull event. Even duller is the array of “entertainment” going on in and around the tents surrounding the ball park. Bad blues acts and cover bands. Lots of overpriced booze. Heat, humidity and the overpowering stench of cooking port-o-johns and B.O. What it means to me — avoid downtown for the next two weeks. Unfortunately, I work downtown, so it can’t be avoided.

Anyway…  if you got music news or a show tonight that you want to mention, post it in the comments. I’m not seeing anything on my radar for tonight, unless you’re into emo/punk-pop (Bayside at TWR)…

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  • Morning at sea is rehearsing tonight at hug house and you forgot to mention the storms that go on during cws.when the cws is at the trade, my work sucks for a week.

    Comment by koby4kenobi — June 14, 2012 @ 5:34 pm

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