White Mystery tonight (and I’m not talking about the snow)…

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by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

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As I type this, I’m listening to White Mystery’s new album, Blood and Venom. The record isn’t slated for release until April 20, but their publicist kindly sent a copy my way. The album marks the next step for the red-headed brother-and-sister act from Chicago that have gone against the White Stripes’ model — in their case, Ms. Alex White is on guitar and vox, while brother Francis is behind the drum set. I don’t know their history, but I have to wonder why they kept the “White” name-ology what with the White Stripes and all. Maybe it’s their real last names, which would be a strange coincidence.

Well, other than their name and boy-girl duo line-up, White Mystery doesn’t have that much in common with the late, great Stripes. Instead of taking a ’70s heavy-metal approach, the duo has opted for classic ’60s garage rock with a big dose of delay on the guitars, the vocals, on everything. It is pounding, stomping, kick-in-the-groin garage rock at its finest, and people are starting to notice. Pitchfork gave their debut album a 7.2, and the band has toured with The Gories (among others). And now here they are, playing at tiny Barley Street Tavern tonight with those filthy animals in Peace of Shit and Snake Island. It’s a show you won’t want to miss, and it only cost $6.

Don’t let the forecast keep you in. Any big snow (probably) won’t happen until after midnight…

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