Benson in the DN; Beep Beep drops on March 24; Lazy-i heads to SXSW…

Category: Blog — @ 6:50 pm February 4, 2009

A few weeks ago I was asked some questions about Benson from Daily Nebraskan reporter Jeremy Buckley. You might also know Jeremy as the organizer of the wildly successful Lincoln Calling festival. I’ve been asking Jeremy for a few years to put together a similar festival called Lincoln Invasion, where he brings all the hot Lincoln bands to Omaha for a night or two. We don’t get enough exposure to Lincoln’s music here in Omaha, which makes no sense to me at all. Come on, Jeremy, let’s get this done.

Anyway, I asked Jeremy last night what happened to that article, and he finally sent me a link. Also interviewed was Homer’s general manager and Benson resident Mike Fratt, and the proprietor of One Percent Productions and The Waiting Room, Marc Leibowitz. Take a look.

* * *

Saddle Creek Records announced yesterday that the new album by Beep Beep, Enchanted Islands, is slated for release on March 24. Says Saddle Creek: “We guarantee you one of the most interesting listens of your young year. Enchanted Islands will blow your mind in different ways…from insane guitar playing to soon-to-be-classic melody to just plain oddness. It’s the whole package.” Creek also announced Beep Beep’s spring tour, which includes a show at The Waiting Room April 4. They’ll also be playing at South by Southwest this year.

* * *

And speaking of SXSW, I’ll be attending my first SXSW Festival this March. As a result, you’ll be seeing full coverage before, during and after the festival right here at Lazy-i. It’ll be just like being there…

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