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Category: Blog — @ 11:50 pm September 3, 2007

First off, I messed up the listing yesterday and, in fact, Dirty Projectors, Yacht and FTL Drive are playing tonight (Monday) at Slowdown, not last night as I incorrectly reported. $8, 9 p.m. I blame my insolence an on overdose of weekend sunshine.

Last night was a relaxed evening at The Waiting Room for the 20 or 30 on hand. The Third Men were finishing their set in their usual fine fashion just as I arrived. Are they Omaha’s (and America’s) new hope for the resurgence of pop-rock ‘n’ roll? Maybe, maybe… Singer/songwriter Kyle Harvey followed with an acoustic solo set. The last time I saw Harvey at The Waiting Room he had Reagan Roeder as his wingman, playing some sort of strange keyboard contraption that added a dense layer of atmosphere. This time it was just Kyle and his guitar, and the impact was just as striking. Kyle’s currently working on music for the soundtrack of a short movie written and directed by Evan Blakley called Oscillations (you can view the trippy teaser trailer here). Finally, Anders Parker performed an inspired solo set, switching between multiple guitars, microphones and a variety of pedals to create a sum that was much greater than its parts. Gorgeous voice, gorgeous guitar.

Tuesday night (because I don’t know if I’ll be posting an update tomorrow or not), look for Paleo, Simon Joyner and Capgun Coup at The Waiting Room. I was told last night that Joyner is working with a few new musicians and might unveil his new lineup at this show. $7, 9 p.m. Meanwhile, over at O’Leaver’s, it’s Talking Mountain, Member Ship and Yes, Oh Yes. $5, 9:30 p.m. If the O’Leaver’s Myspace page is correct, after this show there’s nothing scheduled until Sept. 16, so you better get it while you can.

Cold Call…

*Sons, Viracochas (Fractured) — Chapel Hill gang fancies themselves as a modernized version of Swervedriver, and for the most part, fit the bill, thanks to droning guitars, heavily delayed vocals and a drunken swagger that verges closely on psychedelic drug rock. It’s hard to deny killer guitar riffs like those heard on wall-of-sound rave-ups “Kill the Culprit” and “White Noise.” That said, I left these six tracks thinking Brian Jonestown Massacre meets Pink Mountaintops, and how wise they were to keep it at only six songs. Rating: Yes

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