Saddle Creek distros Range Life; what’s Team Love up to?

Category: Blog — @ 6:55 pm February 6, 2007

In Saddle Creek Records news, CMJ reports that Range Life Records — home of such acts as White Flight (ex-Anniversary), 1,000,000 Light Years and Fourth of July (again, ex-Anniversary) — has signed a distro deal with Saddle Creek. The label’s first release will be White Flight’s debut full-length March 6. Like just about anything involving Saddle Creek, half the fun is figuring out the “six degrees of separation” that underscores the deal: Among the members of Fourth of July is Adrianne Verhoeven, who also happens to be a member of Art in Manila (formerly Art Bell), whose front woman is Orenda Fink, who’s solo record (and Azure Ray records) were released on Saddle Creek (along with the records by her husband’s band, The Faint). I’m sure there’s more to it than that, I’m just saying…

In addition to distributing their own products and now Range Life’s, Saddle Creek also distributes Team Love products (all of which, are in turn, distributed by ADA). In fact, if you go to the Saddle Creek online store, you’ll already find a link to the Range Life store. Now that’s fast. In the process of clicking around while researching this tidbit, I noticed the upcoming release schedule for Team Love includes the debut by Omaha’s own McCarthy Trenching (out March 20) as well as Candylion by Gruff Rhys (out March 6), and a 7-inch by Portland band A Weather. Nice.

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