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Category: Blog — @ 12:31 pm July 15, 2005

Let’s take a look… tonight the only thing that pops up is Fromanhole / Shinyville / Citizen’s Band at Shea Riley’s, 322 S. 72nd St. Which brings us to Saturday and Dereck Higgins at the Omaha Healing Arts Center, 1216 Howard. Higgins is up second. His other band, One Mummy Case, is first and popmeister Richard Schultz and the Miracle Men are last. 8 p.m., $5 with reservation, $8 at the door. Meanwhile, down at O’Leaver’s, there’s Missouri punkers Squadcar, Lincoln’s Rent Money Big and droning Austin shoe-gazers The Black Angels. Rent Money Big, by the way, is now known as Supergender. I don’t like that name either. If you’re wondering about Sokol, 1 Percent is putting on metal shows Friday and Sunday, while Saturday is an all-day fund-raiser for Bralks Haven no-kill animal shelter in Council Bluffs.

***CD Review***

Adam Richman Patience and Science (Or Music) — Songs like second track, “Suck It Up,” try to meld early Bob Mould riffage with Richman’s Guster-esque vocals and rhythms, which means this is a pop record that’s trying to rock and, for the most part, succeeds. Richman’s earnest whine can get close to precocious at times, but the clean rhythm section keeps it pumping ahead in classic indie (pop) rock fashion. Richman’s lyrics are the same ol’ boy/girl relationship bleatings that don’t add much to the discussion. Track “Mary-Ann” is Richman’s H&O “Rich Girl” with lines like “Mary-Ann shows up wasted at my door / Mary-Ann takes my bed leaves me the floor / Mary-Ann you’re such a whore.” Okay, we get it. Despite trite lyrics, the CD holds up on its hooks, riffs and that clean, crisp rhythm section. It’s summer rock, it’s kinda cheesy, and it’s a step down from Guster, but it’ll do. Rating: Yes.

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