Tim Kasher’s Adult Film drops, vinyl delayed, first reviews; Yuppies score 7.4 Pitchfork; Killer Blow tonight…

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Peach Kelli Pop

Peach Kelli Pop

by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

It’s drop day for Tim Kasher’s Adult Film LP.

But it sounds like (based on Kasher’s comments at his tour kick-off show last Saturday) our friends at Saddle Creek Records are having a tough time getting the vinyl. Kasher told the crowd the manufacturer hadn’t come through, and was offering download keys and a spot on the album’s wait-list. Creek’s Jeff Tafolla confirmed the delay saying the label’s supposed to get new test pressings this week, and if approved, they could get their vinyl in a week, if they rush it.

Interestingly, Creek announced yesterday that it finally got the vinyl in for Jake Bellows latest, New Ocean, and is shipping pre-orders. That one had a drop date of Aug. 6. I’m guessing the national vinyl craze is hitting the handful of vinyl producers hard, and they’re having a tough time keeping up with orders. Oh what a strange time for the music industry…

Meanwhile, here’s a handful of early reviews of Adult Film:

Absolute Punk gave the record a 9/10. Conclusion: “Wherever you place Adult Film in the Kasher canon, it’s hard to deny that it’s one of the best albums of the year, and arguably his most versatile yet. If I needed convincing before, all doubt is erased – this man can only put out good music.” (review here)

Racket Magazine gave the album 7/10. Conclusion: “‘Where’s Your Heart Lie’ is kind of the epitome of Kasher for me: a beautiful piano melody behind him being simultaneously terrified of and bored in monogamy. Dude, we all freak out, I hope you can get over the terror of the unknown.” (review here)

Colorado Daily didn’t give Adult Film a rating, but they sure did like it.  The conclusion: “The feelings and their intensity are all over the place — so fantastically manic, it must be real. And if it’s not, all that organ is enough to keep things exciting.” (review here)

American Songwriter gave the LP 2.5 stars out of 5. The conclusion: “Even the most ardent Kasher followers can cop to the relatively one-dimensional nature of his songwriting, yet during Cursive’s brief, restless reign, his internal struggle made for an intriguing and sometimes thrilling listen. Adult Film, unfortunately, isn’t.” Yikes. (review here)

Earbuddy.com was even harsher, giving the album 2.3 out of 10. Conclusion: “The only people who might get something out of Adult Film are those who receive an endorphin rush from hearing Kasher’s voice, and even if that describes you, I’ve got to hope that there is a better way to get that high.” Oof. (review here)

Of course none of those matter after the Pitchfork review comes out…

* * *

Speaking of Pitchfork, Yuppies debut album just got the Pitchfork treatment. The so-called arbiter of indie taste gave the album a respectable 7.4 rating. The conclusion: “If you are accustomed to listening to Wire albums as one long, glowering run-on sentence, never bothering to confirm the title of the minute-long scrap you’re currently hearing, than you’ll probably settle into the rhythm of Yuppies quickly.” Read (and try to decipher) the full review here.

* * *

Tonight at fabulous O’Leaver’s it’s the return of Killer Blow. Joining them is Burger Records band Peach Kelli Pop and Sean Pratt and the Sweats. This one should indeed be killer. $5, 9:30 p.m.

Also, I was informed by the folks at Eyeball Productions that Crystal Stilts has cancelled their appearance at O’Leaver’s Friday night, but the show will still go on with Pleasure Adapter and TBD.

* * *

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