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Icky Blossoms, from left, Derek Pressnall, Sarah Bohling and Nik Fackler.

Icky Blossoms, from left, Derek Pressnall, Sarah Bohling and Nik Fackler.

by Tim McMahan,

As the announcement that Icky Blossoms signed to Saddle Creek Records filtered its way though the various social media channels Monday, I noticed something peculiar: Promo photos of the band only showed Derek Pressnall, Nik Fackler and Sarah Bohling. Where were JJ Idt, Dylan Strimple and Craig Dee?

I wasn’t the only one who noticed the omissions, as I received a couple e-mails asking the same question. So I contacted Saddle Creek Records and asked if the band had been downsized to a trio. I received the following response from the band via Saddle Creek:

“The band originally evolved out of Flowers Forever which was never a ‘band’ band. But as Derek and Nik began writing music together with Sarah singing they realized a different band had formed and started Icky Blossoms. They took the songs and beats and began playing them live with JJ, Dylan and Craig filling in the parts.

“Nothing has downsized. The writing/recording process (Nik/Derek/Sarah) has always been different than the live performance.”

Is this any different than how Conor Oberst runs Bright Eyes? Conor, Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott are “the band” while a variety of players fill in parts on stage. The difference might be that Oberst changes out his live players on almost every tour, while JJ, Dylan and Craig seem to have a more permanent footing in Icky Blossoms, at least on stage (I don’t recall seeing the band play without them). Who knows? Regardless, they’re apparently not involved in the recording process, which is taking place right now with TV on the Radio’s David Sitek behind the board. Is info, Idt also plays in Conduits, while Craig Dee is a member of Tilly and the Wall with Pressnall. Strimple used to play with Son Ambulance and Baby Walrus.

* * *

Drum roll please…

The winners of this year’s drawing for a copy of the Lazy-i Best of 2011 Sampler are:

Matthew Hanson, Omaha
Nathan Johnson, Yankton
Tim Guthrie, Omaha
Vic & Fletch Fletcher, Omaha
Lauren Rosenthal, Long Beach

Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll get them in the mail tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll be doing it again next year…

* * *

Tonight at Slowdown Jr. Sun Settings are headlining a show with Howard and Jasong Mountain. It starts at 9 and it’s at the “right price” of absolutely free.

* * *

Tomorrow: One on one on one with Millions of Boys.

* * *

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  • I know 2 out of 5 of the winners of the Lazy-i Best of 2011 Sampler. Or 3 out of 6 of the people who will be sampling 2011’s lazy-i CD. Tim and the Vic and the Fletch.

    They shall not be known as the Vic & Fletch Fletcher of Omaha as you have blogged above.

    They shall be known as The Vic and The Fletch from Glenwood Proper.

    I rarely get to bensen from dundee for live music. They drive from Iowa for it. respect.

    only true indie blogs never reach double digit sampler entries. i still read every entry though…thanks to rss.

    Comment by Name(required) — January 19, 2012 @ 12:48 am

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