An uneventful weekend; One for the Team tonight…

Category: Blog — @ 7:51 pm May 18, 2009

Very little to report from this past weekend music-wise. Saturday night involved a drop-in at Dario Days — as part of the Dundee Spring Fling event — where I saw one of the worst live bands I’ve heard in long time (while enjoying a cup of potent Belgian beer). The combination of cold weather and bad music drove me away fairly quickly. In addition, I never made it to Mike Watt at TWR, which I’ve been told was the usual event-quality performance.

And thus, another uneventful weekend passes.

So who was the crappy band at Dario’s? You’ll figure it out on your own if you ever see them (or simply do the math). I’d never heard of them prior to the gig, and have a feeling they won’t be playing again (at least at any venue that you and I frequent). Like I’ve said here before — I generally don’t shit on sucky local bands unless they’ve managed to receive a modicum of national attention (National bands, of course, are fair game). Instead, I just don’t write about them. Perhaps I’m doing you a disservice. The way I see it, I’d rather brag up someone you should check out than bag on someone you probably won’t be seeing anyway. Or maybe you will be seeing them, and they turn out be the band you’ve been looking for all your life. Who am I to deprive you of such a discovery?

* * *

Minneapolis indie band One for the Team plays tonight at Slowdown Jr. with Betsy Wells. $7, 9 p.m.

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