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Category: Blog — @ 1:31 pm February 25, 2005

Lincoln band The Golden Age is down at Sokol Underground tonight with Shelter Belt and Someday Stories. It’s been a couple years since I’ve seen Golden Age, back when it was rumored that they’d be the next band to sign to Saddle Creek. I could see why — they had that same ensemble sound of, well, Bright Eyes. Robb Nansel was there that night, who when asked, came back with what has become his classic non-denial denial: “They’re a good band. You should check them out.” He said the same thing when I asked about Ladyfinger last year. I’m told this version of Golden Age is dramatically different than the one heard two years ago. We’ll see tonight.

Tomorrow night twang rockers FortyTwenty headline a show opened by twang-punkers The Monroes. I haven’t caught a Monroes’ show in about a year, mainly because they haven’t played much around here, preferring the greener pastures of Lincoln. Saturday night will be a busy one, with No Blood Orphan down at O’Leavers (The Reader has a feature on the band this week, here) and Race for Titles at The 49’r. Decisions, decisions…

Some headlines:

Worst is better than Wonder Bread (Richmond Times-Dispatch) — Beep Beep is getting as much press as Conor these days. Classic Chris Hughes quote: “One person yelled out, ‘You’re the worst band ever!’ And that to me was sweet. That’s a great compliment, because there are so many mediocre bands, and to be someone’s worst band — that’s actually an accomplishment.”

Bright Eyes, Sullen Demeanor (East Bay Express) — The Texas comments continue to haunt Conor. This essentially is one long diss on Bright Eyes, including a poor drawing of Conor in a diaper. All you Conor haters, enjoy

Bright Eyes elicits a variety of opinions (Seattle University Spectator) — A couple staffers discuss the BE Seattle show. Typical quote: Greg: But the kids at the show… I’ve never been so out-hipped in my life! Lily: Really? Then either you’re not hip enough, or you don’t go to enough shows, or I guess both.

Little Brazil wants to be latest in line of Omaha success stories (Quad City Times) — A Little Brazil feature that slipped past from last week. Landon Hedges talks about the Omaha scene.

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