Remembering Lazy-i Best of 2001 (on Spotify); Hi Ho Silverfox debut Wednesday…

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Lazy-i Best of 2001.

by Tim McMahan,

Before we get to the Best of 2021, which will be published tomorrow, let’s go back in time 20 years to the Lazy-i Best of 2001. It was, indeed, a very good year for indie music, both recorded and presented live in Omaha, though touring would be stymied after 9-11.

In commemoration of 2001, I’ve created the Lazy-i Best of 2001 Comp CD’s track list in Spotify. These compilations, which I’ve been making since 1995, are collections of the best songs I came across either via CDs sent to me in the mail (I used to get as many as a dozen a day) and interviews conducted for The Omaha-Weekly (now called The Reader) and for I interviewed almost every band featured in the 2001 comp, and almost all played in Omaha (mostly at Sokol Underground).

Dropping these comps into the CD player very much are like stepping back in time. More track info here. You can also relive the 2001 The Year in Music (in Omaha) online here.

Here’s the track list:

Swearing at Motorists – “Flying Pizza”
The Jealous Sound — “Bitter Strings”
Stephen Malkmus — “Jo Jo’s Jacket”
Atom and his Package — “Going to Georgia”
Liars — “Mr Your On Fire Mr”
The Faint — “Glass Danse”
Preston School of Industry — “Whalebones”
Smog — “Dress Sexy At My Funeral”
Low — “Dinosaur Act”
Red House Painters — “Michigan”
Beekeeper — “Complete”
Pinetop Seven — “On the Last Ride In”
Paula Frazer — “That You Know”
Gentleman Caller — “Girl in Flames Leaving Me Beautiful”
Death Cab for Cutie — “Why You’d Want to Live Here”
Sorry About Dresden — “A Brilliant Ally”
Son, Ambulance — “A New Dress for Maybell”
M. Ward — “Carolina”
The New Year — “Half a Day”
Belle & Sebastian — “I Love My Car”
Juno — “Up through the Night”

And for those who think Spotify “has everything,” three tracks cannot be found in the streaming service: NYC band Beekeeper track “Complete,” quirky Bloomington indie band Gentleman Caller track “Girl in Flames Leaving Me Beautiful,” and Seattle band Juno track “Up Through the Night.” Here they are in other services, for the completists among you:

Look for the best of 2021 tomorrow…

. 0 0 0 .

Before I forget, there’s a special holiday show in Lincoln tomorrow night at Duffy’s featuring an indie supergroup consisting of Brendan McGinn, Justin Kohmetscher, Ben Armstrong, Rob Walters and Eric Maly called Hi Ho Silverfox. Maly said the band’s goal is “to be a musically inclusive experience for Deaf and hard of hearing folks,” which means deaf interpreter Colin Analco will be on hand. Also performing are Thirst Things First (with A.J. Mogis on bass) and BareBear. Duffy’s, Wednesday Dec. 22, 9 p.m., $7.

* * *

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