Jason Steady joins the Great California Migration, new video…

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Jason Steady from a screen cap of his latest video.

by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

Jason Steady is joining a long list of Omaha musicians, which recently included The Finks (Todd and Orenda) and Brad Hoshaw, who have flown the coop for better climes in California.

I call it the Great California Migration, but that’s not accurate. “Migration” implies that those leaving are returning as part of a cycle, when, in fact, these folks ain’t coming back.

Steady says he’s heading to the California high desert outside Joshua Tree “to live out the rest of my days in the dust.” If you want to wish him well, do it at The Brothers Saturday, Aug. 24, when he’s playing a goodbye gig with his pals in M34N STR33T.

Until then, enjoy this new video of a song from Return of the Paisley Angels, his project with Chris Twist. The video was recorded by Nosferatune, a.k.a. Adrienne Thomas of Denver. And buy a copy of the album, right here.

So long, Mr. Steady…

* * *

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