The Post-Pandemic Nebraska Indie Band List of 2022; Yves Tumor tonight; new Little Brazil, Bright Eyes…

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Yves Tumor plays tonight at The Slowdown.

by Tim McMahan,

Year in and year out, Lazy-i and The Reader had developed a “Top 20” list of the area’s best bands. It was the product of a lot of back-and-forth among the various music beat writers at The Reader, hosted over drinks at a local bar. I was one of the indie music voices. That tradition slowly faded over the years really because The Reader’s music staff became smaller and smaller.

Yesterday on Facebook, a couple readers posted comments that suggested I wasn’t keeping up with the young bands coming up in the local indie scene, which got me digging around online for the last “Top 20” list. Neither The Reader nor Lazy-i had published one since before the pandemic (the 2019 list). With that in mind, here’s my current list of the top local indie bands. Note: I said “Indie” bands, not country acts, not pop bands, not metal, R&B or traditional rock bands, not cover bands, etc. There is a difference. And as I’ve pointed out time and again, Lazy-i covers the local and national indie music scene.

These are the survivors, these are the ones who made it through the other side of COVID. These are bands I know for one reason or another still exist post-pandemic. There are bands not listed here that I’m unsure are still performing. There are also bands not listed I haven’t heard before. Regardless, if we had one of those Top-20 list discussions, this is the list I’d bring to the table. I’m sure I’m missing someone, so let me know.

No Thanks
James Schroeder
Megan Siebe
McCarthy Trenching
Sean Pratt
Scott Scholtz
David Nance Group
And How
The Brigadiers
Steady Wells
Those Far Out Arrows
Las Cruxes
See Through Dresses
Jack McLaughlin
Relax, It’s Science
The Sunks
Nathan Ma
Solid Goldberg
Uh Oh
Lightning Stills
Anna McClellan
Ethan Jones
Matt Whipkey
Dereck Higgins
Bokr Tov
Wagon Blasters
The Lupines
Mere Shadows
Simon Joyner
Jeff Runnings
Clarence Tilton
Cat Piss
Matthew Sweet
Bug Heaven
Universe Contest
Josh Hoyer
Glow in the Dark
Digital Leather
Benny Leather
Pagan Athletes
Bad Bad Men
Stephen Sheehan
Ben Eisenberger
Big Nope
Dirt House
Eric in Outerspace
Mike Schlesinger
Mitch Gettman
Little Brazil
Conor Oberst
Flight School

This is also a list I’ll reference when asked by out-of-towners (as I sometimes am) what bands are worth checking out in the area and/or adding to their gig when they come to town…

. 0 0 0 .

One of the most anticipated shows of the year is tonight at The Slowdown. Yves Tumor headlines with dance maven Doss. I believe this show has been rescheduled a number of times since before the pandemic and now it’s happening. 8 p.m. start time, $30.

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Little Brazil just dropped another track from their forthcoming LP Just Leave (out June 3) called “Station.” Check it below, and pre-order the album from Max Trax Records.

Bright Eyes continues to release songs from their companion series that accompanies their most recent set of reissues. This time it’s a cover of Elliott Smith’s “St. Ides Heaven,” that sounds nothing like the original and includes vocals from Conor’s pal Phoebe Bridgers. The track comes from Letting Off the Happiness: A Companion EP, out May 27 on Dead Oceans.

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  • that Bright Eyes cover sounds like Bright Eyes music added to Elliott Smith’s lyrics

    Comment by bone head — March 27, 2022 @ 5:46 pm

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