New Steady Wells and a peek inside Dahlia House (Love Drunk #144)…

Category: Blog — @ 1:25 pm March 8, 2021
A screen cap from the new Steady Wells video for the track “Hurts,” shot inside the Dahlia House in Benson.

So what’s that big A-Frame-type building that’s going up behind the Bucky’s in Benson? Well, the new Love Drunk video for the song “Hurts” by Steady Wells solves that mystery while providing some sweet folk rock to ease your troubled mind.

First, Steady Wells is newish project by Jordan Smith of Twinsmith — “newish” because the Smith has put out four singles dating back to July 2020. But with this pandemic, you might as well say it’s a brand new project since none of us have had a chance to see Steady Wells perform live, until now.

Love Drunk is a one-take live performance video series helmed by video mastermind/musician Django Greenblatt-Seay that’s been putting out videos of local and national bands since 2010, all shot in unique locations.

The video for “Hurts” was shot inside Dahlia House, an Airbnb owned and operated by Angie Norman that’s located right behind Bucky’s in Benson. Judging by the video, which was shot last week, they’re getting close to being open for business.

Take a peek inside Dahlia House and enjoy some Steady Wells goodness below:

. * * * .

Last week’s blog post concerning McCarthy Trenching and OEA Awards got hacked! That’s why it disappeared from the website. I’m not reposting it, but I’m relinking Dan and Co’s live-streamed performance from The Trap Room from last month below.

Last Sunday The Trap Room played host to Andrew Bailie and Matt Arbeiter; this Sunday it’s Blue Moon Ghetto and on March 21 it’s Steady Wells, followed by Hartford/Focht March 28.

Check out the full schedule here.

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