Digital Leather signs to Absolutely Kosher (if this translation is correct); Cursive back in the studio; Blitzen Trapper tonight…

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by Tim McMahan,

Omaha punk rock band Digital Leather has been in the news recently. Frontman Shawn Foree just did an interview with Hear Nebraska (here) where he talks about his new yet-to-be-released EP Infinite Sun and his almost spiritual relationship with the late, great Jay Reatard.

But just as newsworthy was Foree’s interview with Mala Vida, Buena Musica, a Puerto Rican blog, published in Spanish, requiring the use of the good ol’ Babel Fish translator. In the interview with the headline “I Was Forced to Smoke Crack at Knife Point,” Foree talks about the history of Digital Leather, the new EP and then just drops out of the blue that he signed a deal with Absolutely Kosher Records, home of such acts as Goblin Cock, The Wrens, Pinback, The Mountain Goats and Xiu Xiu. Impressive.

Foree goes on to say that his split with Fat Possum Records, his label for one record, had to do with the label’s focus on “commercial sounding music.” He also discusses some of his past tour exploits involving street cocaine deals gone wrong and the aforementioned smoking-crack-at-knife-point incident that took place in Portland “which was awesome.” All of this, of course, depends on the accuracy of the Babel Fish translation…

We’re lucky to have Digital Leather in Omaha. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you seek out copies of Blow Machine, Sorcerer and his most recent full-length, Warm Brother. You will not be disappointed. BTW, Digital Leather was another band that I suggested to the MAHA organizers for their music festival (for the past two years). I think they were spooked by the, uh, graphic nature of some of Foree’s songs. My response to that: If what you’re listening to isn’t risky, than it’s not rock music. Find out how risky DL really is by checking out their set Thursday night at The Slowdown, where they’re playing a MAHA showcase curated by the more daring lads in So-So Sailors.

* * *

Cursive’s press agent issued a release today stating what most people around here already knew — Cursive is working on a new album over at ARC Studios. Joining the core band of Tim Kasher, Ted Stevens and Matt Maginn are Patrick Newberry, who recently became a permanent member of Conduits, tour drummer Cully Symington, with producer Matt Bayles behind the soundboard. Bayles recorded the last Ladyfinger full-length, and he’s also worked with Mastodon and Isis.

After Cursive performs as this year’s MAHA Music Festival Aug. 13 at Stinson Park with original drummer Clint Schnase (read an interview where Schnase talks about the reunion, here), Kasher will hit the road on a solo tour in support of his new EP, Bigamy: More Songs From The Monogamy Sessions, which will be available on CD and vinyl only at the upcoming shows and in the Saddle Creek webstore. The digital download will be available Aug. 16.

* * *

Apologies for the weirdness on the timing of these posts lately. I’m on the road right now. Which is why I’ll be missing tonight’s big show at Slowdown: Blitzen Trapper with AgesandAges. $13, 9 p.m.

* * *

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