CD Review: John Klemmensen & The Party; Deleted Scenes, The Stay Awake tonight…

Category: Blog — @ 5:58 pm June 25, 2009

The following appears in the current issue of The Reader. The best song on the album, btw, is the second to last one: John’s ode to Amy Winehouse…

John Klemmensen and The Party, Advanced Hedonism (Slo-Fi Records) — Klemmensen is a staple of the Omaha music scene, both for his solo work and work with bands such as Landing on the Moon and Satchel Grande. Once you’ve see him, you’ll never forget him. On this solo effort, Klemmensen channels his inner-Dave Matthews (or Van Morrison) for an album’s worth of songs that dissect a relationship from start to finish, but mostly finish. Klemmensen has no qualms about letting you peak inside his broken heart, but all too often his words are taken from arm’s reach instead of digging from a darker place. We know you loved her, John; now tell us what really happened. Musically, this is warm, acoustic singer/songwriter fare with vocal lines that tend to follow the chord progressions rather than their own path. Horns (from Klemmensen and Satchel bandmate James Cuato) add some much-needed swing, especially on acoustic rocker “Dotted Line” and the loungy “Late at Night.” Lazy-i Rating: Yes. The Reader Rating: 3 stars.

* * *

There are three pretty solid shows going on tonight. On top of the list for me is DC band Deleted Scenes at Slowdown Jr. Their latest record, Birdseed Shirt (on What Delicate Recordings), got a nice little 8.0 rating from indie tastemakers (for better or worse) Pitchfork. The band is indeed distinctly indie in that their style is all over the place but clearly rooted in solid, groovy songwriting. Check out some of their stuff on their Myspace page. They’ve also got a tape out on Omaha label I’m Drinkin This. Your $5 cover charge will also get you music by two of Omaha’s best post-punk/noise rock bands: The Stay Awake and Techlepathy. Show starts at 9.

Also tonight, God Sham God (formerly Prostitute America) plays at O’Leaver’s with Daughters of the Sun. $5, 9:30 p.m.

Finally, a band that sneaked in under the radar but that’s beginning to make an impact — The Answer Team — is opening for Paria at The Sydney. $5, 9 p.m.

* * *

Brief culinary detour: Last night I went to Wohlner’s for dinner (for the first time) and had what easily was the best French Dip sandwich that I’ve ever eaten. I’m not kidding. Look, over the years I’ve eaten a lot of French Dip sandwiches from literally all over the world. They all paled in comparison to the delicacy that was served to me at Wohlner’s last night. 5 stars.

Now, back to the music…

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