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Minneapolis Uranium Club at Pet Shop Gallery Dec. 9, 2017. They’ve got a new album coming out.

by Tim McMahan,

As we wait for February and touring bands to return to Omaha, we’re left checking out new music, of which there is much. Here’s a sampling:

Hotline TNT played a rad show at Reverb last year. They’re still out plugging away at their most recent album, Cartwheel, and yesterday dropped a new video for the track “Stump.” 

This song came to be in just one afternoon when I was reflecting on a game of cards I played with my family in Minnesota. I’m glad we finally made a video for it because the man who seduced us all with the biggest Billboard smash of the 20th century (Rob Thomas) posted the track on his Instagram story and that was all I needed to know we made a hit.”

A few years ago, Minneapolis Uranium Club showed up in Omaha and played a head-spinning show at Petshop Gallery that is still one of my best memories of the place (along with that amazing Ceremony show, who remembers that one at Sweatshop?). Well the Club is back with a new album, the first since 2018. If you’re into Devo-influenced head trips, here’s your ticket. Infants Under the Bulb is out on Anti Fade and Static Shock, March 1, ollowed by an 11-day Australian tour. Someone bring them back to Omaha, please…

Remember Mary Timony? Sure, we all do. The former Helium frontwoman (and Ex-Hex and Wild Flag) is releasing her first solo album in 15 years, out Feb. 23 on Merge Records.  Untame the Tiger emerged after the dissolution of a long-term relationship and was bookended by the deaths of Mary’s father and mother. “This was the hardest thing I’ve been through. Every week I had to manage a new crisis. Because I was making impossible decisions on behalf of my parents, creative choices now seemed more manageable.”

Pete Yorn’s latest claim to fame was a cameo appearance in Killers of the Flower Moon, which I have yet to see, and probably won’t before the Oscars. He’s also got a new track out called “Someday, Someday,” that sounds like classic Pete Yorn. No idea if this is a prelude to a new album…

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