Outer Spaces, Anna McClellan, And How, Radiator Hospital tonight at O’Leaver’s…

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Outer Spaces plays tonight at O’Leaver’s.

by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

The last time Outer Spaces came through town (that I know of) was back in June 2016 when they played the original Milk Run art gallery. From the review of that show (and of the then just-opened Milk Run):

The Baltimore four-piece (looks like they added a new bassist) played a short, sweet set of songs from their just released album, A Shedding Snake (2016, Don Giovanni). On that record, frontwoman/guitarist Cara Beth Satalino has a voice that at times is the spitting image of Edie Brickell’s, at other times she reminds me of Maria Taylor, whereas my wife think she sounds like Anna Waronker (That Dog). Performing live, Satalino has a simple, quiet quality all her own on songs that are classic ’90s-style indie. The live set was more laid-back than what you get on the record, which is one of my favorites from the first half of the year.

Well, Milk Run is long gone, but O’Leaver’s is still around and is hosting Outer Spaces tonight. The band just released their sophomore LP, Gazing Globe, on Western Vinyl. In the tradition of countless rock bands through the generations, the album documents Satalino’s efforts to grapple with “her sense of anxiety and self-doubt after she and partner/bandmate Chester Gwazda decided to take a brake from their long-term relationship.

It’s a loaded show at O’Leaver’s tonight. Playing with Outer Limits is Anna McClellan, And How and Radiator Hospital. (Ugh! too many bands takes me out of the equation on a school night!). $5, starts at 9 p.m.

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