Cog Factory doc, Wagon Blasters, Breakers, The Sun-Less Trio, The Obscurants Saturday; Pink Fuzz Sunday…

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Wagon Blasters at Lookout Lounge April 30, 2016. The band plays Saturday night at The Waiting Room.

by Tim McMahan,

Before we get into the weekend, the folks who run the Maha Music Festival are now giving you a chance to suggest bands for next year’s fest, which will again be held at Stinson Park in Aksarben Village.

All you have to do is click here and fill out the survey. Yeah, I know, the odds of Maha actually booking the bands you list are, well, pretty slim. It’s not unlike when a radio station asks for requests when you know they’re only going to play your song if it’s already on their playlist. Still, it’ll give them an indication of just how broad a net to cast when the Knitting Factory folks who help book the festival actually start reaching out to acts. 

And, if you don’t fill out the survey, you can’t complain next year when your bands aren’t on the line-up. Here’s the link. I’m not sure how long it’ll be available, so do it now. 

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OK, onto the weekend.

There’s not much happening tonight. Stinson Park is hosting a post-punk cover band called The Damones. This was originally supposed to happen a few weeks ago but was rained out. No, this is not original music, but it could be fun, and it’s a departure for the Stinson Park series. And it’s free. Runs from 7 to 10 p.m. 

Moving onto a very busy Saturday…

Top of the order is the screening of the Cog Factory Documentary at The Waiting Room. I could have sworn this movie had already been released online. At any rate, here’s your chance to see it if you haven’t already. She screening starts at 7 p.m. and will be followed by a discussion, and then a live performance from The Wagon Blasters, probably around 9 p.m. UN-T.I.L. also is on the program. $15.

Meanwhile, across town at fabulous O’Leaver’s, The Club is hosting its monthly rock show. Headlining is Breakers, a newish band featuring Matt Focht of Head of Femur with Chris Yambor and Robert Little. In the middle slot The Sun-Less Trio celebrating the release of their new record, Cemetary Road. And opening is a new project from Lincoln’s Eric Maly (Fair Moans, Hi Ho Silverfox, Slow Pioneers) called The Obscurants. Joining Maly in the band are Shawn Williams, drums; Jon Ruff, bass; Danny Carraher, guitar; Chris Maly, guitar; and Emma Nelson on violin. Whew! You get all this entertainment for a mere $10. Show starts at 9 p.m.

Also Saturday night, Petshop in Benson (just south of the old Barley Street Tavern) is hosting a show with FLT RTH, Specter Poetics and Jeff in Leather. $5, 10 p.m.

Finally on Sunday, Denver grunge rockers Pink Fuzz play at The Sydney in Benson with Hussies. $10 9 p.m.

And that’s all I got. If I missed your show, put it in the comments section. Have a great weekend.

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Saddle Creek to release Culxr House, adds New York offices; new Nathan Ma; Cog Factory merch benefits Omaha Girls Rock…

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A scene from Culxr House.

So now Saddle Creek Records has a New York City office?

Yep, according to their Twitter feed. Add it to the Los Angeles offices, and Omaha offices, of course. Once upon a time Saddle Creek even had a European office in London. Not sure if they still do; wouldn’t be surprised if they reopened it.

Bigger news is that Saddle Creek will be releasing Culxr House: Freedom Summer – a collaborative project showcasing a host of talent from Omaha all tied to innovative community hub Culxr House. The LP, out July 30, features Marcey Yates and Xoboi, along with J. Crum, Mars Black and lots more.

Available digitally and via a limited edition vinyl run, 50% of the album’s profits will be shared between the artists involved, with the other 50% donated directly to the Culxr House venue that brought this project to life,” according to the Creek site.

The first track from the album, “Inherit the Earth,” by Marcey Yates and Xoboi, already dropped. Order the album from the Saddle Creek site.

I think this marks the first album Saddle Creek released with a connection to Omaha since The Faint’s Egowerk came out in March 2019.

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Nathan Ma has a new track out called “Midnight” produced by Young Guv, and featuring The Upper Las Colonies Pyramid Band (Noah Kohll, Young Guv, Colin Duckworth, Bobbie Lovesong and James Matthew VII). It’s just under three minutes of Big Star-flavored pop you’ll want to check out. When’s Nathan coming out with a full-length?

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The fine folks at Ink Tank are selling a crapload of cool Cog Factory gear, including T-shirts and hoodies. Orders are being taken through June 18 and all proceeds will benefit Omaha Girls Rock, so everybody wins. Check out the selection and order yours here.

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Read Tim McMahan’s blog daily at — an online music magazine that includes feature interviews, reviews and news. The focus is on the national indie music scene with a special emphasis on the best original bands in the Omaha area. Copyright © 2021 Tim McMahan. All rights reserved.