LOW TICKET WARNING: Eric Bachmann May 27 at Ming Toy; No Whining; Social Distortion tonight…

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by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

The funny part is there weren’t a lot of tickets to begin with… 

Of the 40 tickets, only 8 remain available for next Monday’s (May 27 – Memorial Day) solo performance by Eric Bachmann (Crooked Fingers, Archers of Loaf, solo genius) at Ming Toy Gallery, 6066 Maple St., the art gallery owned and operated by my wife, Teresa, and me. 

I wrote about this show a couple weeks ago. Read about it here. Tickets are $25 and only available through the Undertow website – in other words, there will be no tickets at the door. You’re either on the list or you’re not. This is a general admission show with floor seating or standing, so bring a pillow or cushion or just stand around like I do. 

This show will be a first for us at Ming Toy and if it goes well, we’ll try to do more via Undertow. I would love to see you there!

. 0 0 0 .  

You’ll notice I’ve stopped whining about all the nationally touring indie bands and musicians who no longer come through Omaha. I wrote a long piece marking the one-year anniversary of Steelhouse Omaha and how I got Omaha Performing Arts’ non-profit mission all wrong. But didn’t post it. What would be the point? 

Instead, I’m looking for opportunities to help bring the bands I love here, to put Omaha back on indie touring maps. I’m not sure what that entails and am open to suggestions. This Ming Toy/Undertow concert is part of that effort.

I will, however, continue to point out when amazing bands are coming through nearby cities (Kansas City, the Twin Cities, Chicago, Denver) for those with the means to travel. I get dozens of tour announcements daily in my email. For example, PJ Harvey is playing at St. Paul’s Palace Theater Oct. 2.  

Life’s too short to complain about what we don’t have in Omaha. Embrace what we do, and seek out what we do not elsewhere, because it will never be 2001-2015 here again. 

. 0 0 0 . 

Speaking of shows, ‘90s LA punkers Social Distortion are playing at The Astro tonight. Their 1990 debut album was a staple in my youth (who remembers “Story of My Life” and “Ball and Chain”?). I lost track of them after the ’92 follow-up, Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, but hey, they’re still kicking, releasing Mommy’s Little Monster last year on Concord Records. Joining them tonight is up-punk band The Love Bombs. This is an early show – 6:30 p.m. – and GA standing tickets are $40.

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