Nik Fackler and tbd. dance collective are attempting to re-invent the movie experience — with sound, light and dance…

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Reality Tbd. runs this Friday and Saturday at Kaneko.

by Tim McMahan,

This Friday and Saturday at Kaneko filmmaker/rock star Nik Fackler (Icky Blossoms, InDreama) and tbd. dance collective are trying out a new way to experience film.

Or maybe I should say “a more immersive way.” You’ve heard about breaking the fourth wall? Fackler wants to crush it.

The project is called Reality Tbd. and marks the world premiere of Nik’s new film Waiting for Reality. It’s going to work like this: The audience will be seated inside Kaneko’s auditorium, which will be separated into four spaces. Nik’s film will be projected on one wall, and at some point in the film, the other walls will come to life with light and dance.

Fackler has created a unique, synchronized lighting experience that augments the film., while the tbd. collective will literally jump off the screen. If that wasn’t enough, the soundtrack is provided by Graham Ulciny (Thick Paint, Icky Blossoms, The Faint), who’s produced five original pieces for the performance.

Nik said the idea was born out of exploring the use of lighting at Icky Blossoms shows. “I asked myself, ‘How do I bring this into film making and cinema?’ It’s an experiment for sure,” he said.

Kat Lessor, Nik’s wife and a member of the tbd. collective, developed the structure of the choreography with fellow dancer Stephanie Huettner. “Nik wrote the script and Steph and I figured out how to create scenes and emotion through movement,” Kat said. “There’s no dialogue.”

Ultimately, the audience will help fill in the story’s blanks. “We wanted it to be vague enough where the audience can project their own storyline by taking what’s going on in their lives and projecting it onto the characters” Nik said.

He said the project began with a script in June. The four-day film shoot took place at five or six locations. The finished film is about a half-hour long, but the entire performance runs from 45 minutes to an hour. Ultimately, the audience (limited to 100 per performance) will have a unique experience from their specific quadrant.

“The experience will be different depending on where you’re seated,” Nik said. “We hope people will come back and see it again to experience from a different perspective.”

This is the first time Fackler has tried this bold experiment, and he’s already talked about trying the screening/performance in other cities after this limited 4-performance engagement at Kaneko ends.

There are two performances of Reality Tbd. Friday and Saturday. Tix are $10. Go to for details. Read more about Fackler and a past Kaneko project here.

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