So long, David Bowie…

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David Bowie - 1947-2016

David Bowie – 1947-2016

by Tim McMahan,

I woke up and discovered that David Bowie had died of cancer at the age of 69. Did anyone see it coming? I’d read he’d been ill a few years ago, but then figured he’d recovered, what with the release of The Next Day in 2013 and Blackstar just last week. Now it appears Blackstar was his swan song and parting gift. Its reception was greeted with open arms — critics and fans love the album. Would the way it was received been skewed had we’d known he was dying? Probably. Instead, Bowie went out creatively on top, with people pointing to Blackstar as a triumphant return. And we’re all left wondering what just happened. Somewhere he and Lou Reed are laughing together and saying, “Just play the bloody albums.”

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