The British are coming, the British are coming…; new Calm Fur; Dumb Beach tonight…

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Dumb Beach at O'Leaver's, Feb. 21, 2015.

Dumb Beach at O’Leaver’s, Feb. 21, 2015. The band returns to O’Leaver’s tonight.

by Tim McMahan,

We can all rest a little easier knowing that the British people now know about O’Leaver’s. And The Waiting Room. And The Barley Street. And Duffy’s…

About a month ago, an editor from British Airways online publications reached out and asked me to write 500 to 600 words about the fabled Nebraska music scene, listing the music venues for Brits to visit while in Nebraska. It’s part of their “50 States in 52 Weeks” series featured on British Air’s High Life website (an amazingly appropriate name considering the patrons who hang out at our clubs). A bunch of bands are name-checked, too…

The British Airways piece went online a few days ago; you can read it here. Note: I wasn’t  involved in the page layout, design or photo selection.

NOTE TO webmasters of the clubs’ websites: Brace yourselves for the torrential traffic wave bound to hit your servers at any moment…

* * *

Calm Fur, the latest project fronted by Jason Meyer (Talking Mountain) has a new four-song EP out today called The Collection of Human Energy to be Used for Evil.

Sez Meyer: “We just played Denver Psych Fest and this was a little EP we put together just for that. Minimal physical copies exist, along with minimal fanfare for release. We’re working on a proper record and sort of treating this as a… demo. A sneak. A peek.

Calm Fur is playing Duffy’s backlot show on Aug. 29 with Deerpeople and Universe Contest before going into hibernation to finish their new record. Check out the EP below…

* * *

Tonight at fabulous O’Leaver’s it’s the return of Dumb Beach. They open for Brooklyn garage rock trio Sharkmuffin and New Yorkers Lost Boy? $5, 9:30 p.m.

* * *

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