What a drag it is getting cold; Desa to Coachella; Of Montreal 3/16…

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by Tim McMahan, Lazy-i.com

I didn’t make it out to see The Good Life last night and it hurts my heart. It was a game-time decision, the wind-chill was in the negatives and I had to get up early this morning. In the old days (just a few years ago) I would have gone anyway, but it’s getting tougher to get out during the week, especially when I don’t know if there will be any air in my Tracker’s tires when I leave the club (They have this way of leaking out in sub-zero weather).

If you were at O’Leaver’s last night, let me know how it went. The band is reportedly in the studio today working on their new record.

* * *

What else…

Desparecidos is playing Coachella April 12. Impressive. Coachella is getting some blow-back this year because of the number of legacy bands playing the festival, including AC/DC, Steely Dan, not to mention the ’90s and ’00s bands (Built to Spill, Sloan, heck Desa’s been around for a decade). I’m not sure what all the whining is about. The majority of the lineup consists of modern-day acts (read the lineup at TIME).  You’re always going to have a few notable big names from back in the day that appeal to multiple generations. Congrats to Desa. Something tells me this Epitaph release could be a monster…

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One Percent’s latest update went out this morning. The most notable nugget on their list of shows — Of Montreal March 16 at The Waiting Room. I think that might be smack-dab in the middle of SXSW, so it’s very likely I’ll miss them. Or maybe not. The press release says they’re playing SXSW March 19…

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I got all your entries for the Comp CD giveaway. Thanks! I’ll be announcing the winners tomorrow.

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Tonight at Reverb Lounge legacy performer Sarah Benck takes the stage with Kevin Sandbloom and CJ Mills. $5, 9 p.m.

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