Lincoln’s Box Awesome remembered tonight…

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The sound of gunfire, off in the distance. I'm getting used to it now...

The sound of gunfire, off in the distance. I’m getting used to it now…

by Tim McMahan,

The Memorial Park concert screwed me for catching the Oquoa set at The Waiting Room Friday night.

I’m not sure what was going on in the park, but the music didn’t wrap up until well past 10:30. I didn’t have to be there to know that — it was so loud at my house a mile away that I could make out every word of Smashmouth barking “Hey now / you’re an all star / get your game on / go play.” My enjoinder:  “Hey now / you’re all assholes / I’m watching Silverado / Shut up!

Anyway, in years’ past, the fireworks usually started at 10. They didn’t start until well past 10:30, which meant the zombie parade of trailer-park shlubs marching back to their SUVs would go on well past 11, more like 11:30. And the Memorial Park concert truly is a shit magnet. Considering the history of unfortunate events that have occurred in surrounding neighborhoods after the concert, any homeowner is well advised to stay put until the zombie parade ends. In this case, it ended well past what I thought was Oquoa’s set time.  Next time, guys…

* * *

It’s an anniversary of sorts for Lincoln’s late, great Box Awesome. It was five years ago today that the indie music venue closed its doors.

To celebrate, Duffy’s Tavern and Bourbon Theater are hosting shows in the old club’s honor. Duffy’s has Gerardo Meza and AZP starting at 8; Bourbon Theater’s front room has Universe Contest at 10, followed by The Renfields and Powers.

This info comes courtesy of Jeremy Buckley, who was an integral part of venue. There was a mischievous quality to Box Awesome that I can’t put my finger on but that doesn’t exist in Lincoln or Omaha anymore. As I told Jeremy, Box Awesome was like a troublesome neighbor kid creating little pipe bombs in his basement. But instead of destruction, the bombs were like bouquets. You were lucky if you got to see them. To me it was like an underground music experience that did its thing right out in the open. Everyone was invited along for the ride. While the spirit of Box Awesome continues, nothing has quite taken its place. Lincoln needs a new Box Awesome…

* * *

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