The 2013 Reader and (Lazy-i) Top 20, and the next…?

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by Tim McMahan,

Seems like The Reader‘s “Music Issue” gets pushed back further and further every year. Something that used to come out in the fall is now becoming a year-end tradition, along with all those other year-end “best albums” lists, etc.

Anyway, here it is. The process for creating the list was the same as it ever was — The Reader‘s music writers got together and hashed out the list over beers at the Dundee Dell. Arguments for or against including a specific band involved whether a band performed, toured or released any music over the past year.

So are these the best bands? Are they the most popular bands? Are they the most successful bands? No, no and no. They’re not even our favorite bands. Throughout the back-and-forth that went into making the list, preference was given to bands that have made the biggest impact from our area.

My chores this year also involved writing a “State of the Music Scene” essay that precedes the list. The Reader‘s Top 20 for 2013 (descriptions written by the esteemed Chris Aponick) and Next 29 (!) are in this week’s issue on news stands now, and online right here. (Don’t ask me who that is in the photo at the top of the article).

Go on, click over and take a gander, then come on back. We’ll wait for you…

Okay, you back? Well then, without further ado…

The Lazy-i Top 20 for 2013

Simon Joyner
Icky Blossoms
Digital Leather
Eli Mardock
Universe Contest
The Faint
Tim Kasher
Conor Oberst
See Through Dresses
Pleasure Adapter
Brad Hoshaw and the Seven Deadlies
Matt Whipkey
Laura Burhenn/Mynabirds
Travelling Mercies
Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship
McCarthy Trenching


The next 10

Solid Goldberg
Dim Light
Touch People
Killer Blow
Electric Chamber Music
Underwater Dream Machine
New Lungs

Let the arguing begin…

* * *

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  • Skypiper is the coolest!

    Comment by Bill — December 11, 2013 @ 1:59 pm

  • I thought for sure you’d have John Klemmensen & The Party on your list.

    Comment by AYGAMG — December 11, 2013 @ 2:32 pm

  • I can’t wait to hear Oquoa’s full length.

    Comment by Nayef — December 11, 2013 @ 4:35 pm

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