New Stevens; Jake Bellows, John Klemmensen and Mike Saklar tonight; Ellison, Sedaris, Coupland, HST (in the column)…

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by Tim McMahan,

I’m not so worried about snow in May. It’s happened before. In fact this will all be a faded memory by next week. Now if it snows in June, as Jon Spencer would say, now I got worry.

Ted Stevens Unknown Project, Impossible World (self release, 2013)

Ted Stevens Unknown Project, Impossible World (self release, 2013)

One benefit of May Day every year is the expectation that Ted Stevens will either play a gig somewhere or release some new material, and this year was no exception. Ted released the first song from his new project, Ted Stevens Unknown Project (Ted, I just got off the phone with the grammar police. They want to know if there should there be an apostrophe after “Stevens” in your band name. I told them there’s no apostrophe in Alan Parsons Project, and then I told them to mind their own business). Check out the track, “Possible Worlds,” below, and then buy it from Ted’s Bandcamp page. PS: It’s one of my favorite Stevens composition since his Lullaby days…

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Addendum to the above: Michael Todd, who edits, pointed out that I posted the wrong song from Ted! His May Day-day release was actually “Make Longer Nights” (below), and available for purchase here. Thanks Michael!

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Tonight at The Sydney in Benson, Omaha ex-pat Jake Bellows returns to headline a show that also features John Klemmensen and the Party (watch for a new EP by these folks soon) and Mike Saklar Trio (No Blood Orphan). Things should get rolling around 9 p.m. No idea on the cover, but it’ll probably be somewhere in the $5 range. Come on in from the cold and have a beer and some fine music.

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In this week’s column, a peek into my dog-earer library featuring Ellison, Sedaris, Coupland, HST and Christgau. You can read it in this week’s issue of The Reader or online right here.

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