Thunder Power’s monkey business; Capgun Coup tonight…

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A still from Thunder Power's Spiraling Sky" video.

A still from Thunder Power’s Spiraling Sky” video.

by Tim McMahan,

Yesterday Thunder Power released the first video from its upcoming Slumber Party Records release, Volumes, titled “Spiraling Sky” and featuring a super cute, living-breathing monkey.

Actually, it’s a gibbon (apparently). TP frontman Will Silvey-Simons says the video’s director, Lindsay Trapnell, found the chimp-thing on Craigslist of all places. Was this a rent-a-monkey situation?

“Ha, ‘rental’ is a weird way to say it, but more or less,” Will said. “The two gibbons are the pets of a lady who lives a couple hours away. She responded to the Craigslist ad and thought it’d be fun to have her ‘babies’ in a music video.”

Hey, who doesn’t like monkeys?

The video also features an animated monkey/gibbon in a clip that takes place some time in the early 20th century (based on the costumes, but not on that digital thermostat). Check it out below.

* * *

Not much happening tonight. Halloween is usually a festive “adult holiday” when it falls on the weekend, otherwise it’s a children’s’ holiday, AS IT SHOULD BE.

Anyway, there is one show to go to after you finish handing out candy. Capgun Coup is slated to play at The Sydney tonight with Touch People (a.k.a. Darren Keen) and DJ Kobrakyle. These shows usually start at around 9 and cost around $5.

Happy Halloween…

* * *

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