Will the real Conor Oberst please stand up?; Another O’Leaver’s Weekend (Conchance tonight (canceled))…

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Following up on what was reported here early this morning:

A half-dozen or so online music news sites, including NME and Spinner reported this morning that Monsters of Folk are working on new material. They’re making the claim based on a Twitter account titled twitter.com/oberstconor (that shows a profile photo of Oberst smoking a cigarette; the page has just been taken down). None of the sites apparently verified that the Twitter account actually belongs to — or is updated by — Conor Oberst. Just a glance at the account and what’s been written on it would make anyone doubtful. Then there’s the fact that the feeds that @oberstconor is following, such as the @saddlecreek aren’t following @oberstconor.

So I contacted Monsters of Folk’s publicist Jen Appel of Press Here Publicity and asked if @oberstconor was real. This was her response: “Not him. Also, She & Him are starting to promote Volume Two, thus M. Ward is not working on MOF things at this time.”

No surprise here. Anyone who has been following Oberst over the years knows that he doesn’t participate in these kinds of thing, preferring to let his music speak for itself. He rarely even does interviews anymore (I haven’t interviewed him since Cassadaga came out). Twitter seems out of the question.

What is surprising is that music pubs like NME would run the information without verifying it with: 1) Oberst’s or Monster’s of Folk’s publicists, 2) Shangi-La Records, 3) Anyone.

Twitter has taken steps to try to prevent impostors tweeting under other people’s names. Their “verification” checkmark, which you can see @lancearmstrong, for example, is among those efforts.

FYI: As of lunchtime, NME took the story down, but it lives on at sites like clashmusic.com (story here), spinner.com (story here), and strangeglue.com (story here). Ah, the Internet…

* * *

It’s looking like it’s going to be an O’Leaver’s weekend. Tonight at everyone’s favorite concrete bunker is Slumber Party artist Conchance with Terrior Bute. $5, 9:30 p.m THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELED.

Then tomorrow night at O’Leaver’s, Little Black Stereo takes the stage along with Matt Cox Band, Why Make Clocks and Bazooka Shootout. $5, 9:30 p.m.

Of course those shows are always dependent on weather issues. Last night’s Hubble show, for example, was canceled.

This weather is, indeed, wearing thin…

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