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Category: Blog — @ 5:49 pm July 9, 2009

Just placed online, an interview with Nils Edenloff of The Rural Alberta Advantage (read it here). Nils talks about the band’s Canadian origins at an open-mic night in Toronto, their quick rise to national notoriety and their relationship with Saddle Creek. It is amazing how quickly they’ve rocketed to national indie acceptance in such a short time. This tour that brings them to The Slowdown next Wednesday is their first one that’s lasted more than a few weeks. In that context, they’ve got a lot in common with fellow new labelmates UUVVWWZ, who are opening that show. They’re also a rare example of living the dream that is SXSW, where Nils said it all came together with Creek. Maybe going to Austin isn’t such a waste of time after all? Anyway, read the story here or in this week’s issue of The Reader.

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Little Brazil is inviting everyone to The Sydney late Sunday morning to be extras in their next rock video, being shot and directed by Bill Sitzmann, whose photos have appeared numerous times on this here website (as well as countless national magazines). The shoot begins at 11 a.m. and will run until 2. You have to be 21 and wearing “Graduation Party” attire, which I guess means business casual and summer dresses. Sayeth Little Brazil guitarist Greg Edds, “We’re gonna be using the mother of all cameras. It’s called the RED ONE. Costing us $1,500 a day for this bad boy. It’s the same camera that was used to film the new Star Trek, for all the camera nerds out there. Little Brazil is taking a step forward into the costly creative world.” No kidding. So stop by. You might not only end up in the video, but also in a column written about the shoot…

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