Conor/Tilly pics; Speed! Nebraska Soapbox Derby deadline approaches…

Category: Blog — @ 5:41 pm June 29, 2009

Look for a review of last Friday’s Tilly and the Wall/Conor Oberst concert as part of this week’s column, which means it’ll be online Wednesday. Until then, feast on a couple photos taken at the event via my iPhone:

Here’s Tilly doing their thing in front of the rather huge mob. I didn’t get the numbers, but it seemed like the crowd was as big or bigger than last year’s Conor Oberst Anchor Inn show. Though they hadn’t played since last August, Tilly sounded as tight as I’ve ever heard them.

Here’s a shot of Conor and Co. Conor’s the one wearing the crazy oversized Amish hat, which made him look like the boy Samuel from the film Witness. Where’s Harrison Ford when you need him?

More later.

* * *

Our friends from Speed! Nebraska sent out a message this morning reminding folks that the race registration deadline for the Speed! Nebraska Adult Soapbox Derby at Seymour Smith Park is Wednesday, July 1.

Race details and registration materials are located here. The actual race is July 18 starting at 11 a.m. All proceeds benefit The Special Olympics.

And to commemorate the event, Speed! Nebraska is releasing the Soapbox Riot 10″, featuring racing songs by Wagon Blasters, Filter Kings, Mezcal Brothers, Domestica, The Third Men and Ideal Cleaners. The vinyl will drop July 18, and likely will be available at the race or at the after-race concert at O’Leaver’s that evening. That show will feature Filter Kings, Wagon Blasters, The Third Men, Domestica and The Sons of Soapbox Derby. More details at the Speed! Nebraska website.

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