Where is Cursive (other than at Slowdown tonight and tomorrow)? (UPDATED)

Category: Blog — @ 7:28 pm January 23, 2009

For those of you heading to Cursive tonight and tomorrow at Slowdown (both shows are sold out), here’s sort of a preview in the form of a sweet review of their Jan. 18 Union Hall show in NYC, published in Punknews.org, that includes a set list. Looks like the band is playing five songs from their forthcoming album Mama, I’m Swollen. The question that comes to mind: What’s the status of this new album? There’s no mention of a specific release date on cursivearmy.com or even more curiously — saddle-creek.com. In fact, is Saddle Creek even releasing this album? I’ve yet to see anything indicating that they are in any of their email newsletters or on their site. Let’s hope for Creek’s sake that my prediction isn’t coming true…

***UPDATE: Saddle Creek’s Jason Kulbel just confirmed that Mama, I’m Swollen will indeed be released on Saddle Creek Records, though the release date has yet to be set.***

Tonight’s show sold out first and rather quickly. I didn’t even get a ticket. The reason could be because the openers — Son Ambulance and It’s True — are more well-known than tomorrow night’s openers, Bald Eagle and Fortnight (I did get tickets to that one). Both shows should be legendary.

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