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No, the future of KIND FM (read about the station here) doesn’t rest on whether or not anyone shows up tonight at 7 p.m. at PS Collective for the station’s first public forum, but it’s probably fair to say that if no one shows up for this meeting, KIND will be short-lived, if it happens at all. There’s no way a radio station that hopes to broadcast 24/7 can survive without an army of volunteers and content providers (i.e., DJs). As I’ve said before, any frustrated DJ who had dreams of one day being heard on the air should be there tonight. So should anyone who’s whined about Omaha lacking a station that plays local music. Yes, the signal will only carry 10 to 15 blocks, but KIND FM chief engineer Shawn Halpenny’s dreams are much bigger — and far-reaching — than that. He says that he’s currently building a second transmitter, one with a much larger range that “is standing in the wings waiting for the green light (FCC Approval and license).” Such a rare license, if ever made available, would cost a fortune, and who knows where the money would come from. But stranger things have happened.

* * *

I’m told that the short film “Oscillations” has been put to bed. The 20-minute headtrip (with no dialogue) includes music by a number of local musicians, chief among them being Kyle Harvey, who is credited below the title. “Oscillations” will be screened at the Omaha Film Festival as part of two nights of short film entries — Feb. 21 at 6 p.m. and Feb. 23 at 5 p.m. Screenings are held at Westwood Cinema 8 (find out more about the fest here). Director Evan Blakely also plans to screen the film at an event sometime in the future that would include live performances. Stay tuned.

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Hey, I can finally read on my iPhone. The venue replaced its old, all-Flash website with a standard html model — and it’s about a million times better. All-Flash websites have always been a bad idea — they’re generally over-designed, hard to read, pages can’t be bookmarked, rarely print well, can’t be copied-and-pasted from, and lack other basic usability — but are an even worse idea in the age of the iPhone, which doesn’t support Flash. So check out the new site at and tell Jason Kulbel the next time you see him, “Thank you for just being you.”

* * *

Speaking of Slowdown, tonight at Slowdown Jr. it’s the punk stylings of Brooklyn band Blood on the Wall, on the road supporting their just-released LP Lifers on Social Registry Records. They sound like Slanted-era Pavement to me, which is a good thing. Opening is Honeybee and TBA (featuring CJ Olson, Derek Pressnall (Flowers Forever), and others). $7, 9 p.m.

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