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Category: Blog — @ 6:45 pm November 14, 2007

It been kind of quiet the past few days musicwise. Something worth mentioning… Remember how I said there were only four shows slated for O’Leaver’s for the balance of the year? Turns out the bar just hadn’t gotten around to updating their myspace calendar. That number has doubled (actually, one of those dates is a chili cookoff), and includes a Cloven Path show tomorrow night, which should be interesting as the band recently lost its singer and was contemplating either finding a new singer or going without one as they had for so long before Kat showed up.

And… that’s all, folks. Tomorrow’s column discusses the bleak vision so many people seem to have for the future of the music industry. As pre-reading, go find the current issue of Rolling Stone. You can’t miss it, it’s the magazine with the giant holograph for a cover.

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