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What was your favorite show at O’Leaver’s? Join in on the discussion on the webboard (here), where I’ve already added my two cents. I think there’ll be a lot of this kind of reminiscing and hand-holding going on — maybe even a few tears shed — as we celebrate O’Leaver’s birthday on Saturday.

But before we begin the debauchery, there’s tonight’s entertainment, not at O’Leaver’s, but at The Waiting Room, where STNNNG plays with Ladyfinger and Red Eyed Legends. (I was a bit surprised that Ladyfinger wasn’t on the O’Leaver’s schedule tomorrow (Chris Machmuller, after all, is a bartender there), but the band will sadly be out of town on tour.). STNNNG puts on a, well, “stunning” show. $7, 9 p.m.

There will be some pre-festival entertainment going on at O’Leaver’s tonight, where Reagan and the Ray Guns perform with She Swings, She Sways, $5, 9:30 p.m.

Saturday, of course, is O’Leaver’s anniversary show. I wouldn’t be surprised if they delay the start time to compensate for the rescheduled start of the Nebraska v. Nevada game. Bands are now slated to start at 2:30, cost is $8. The line-up, again: Ric Rhythm & the Revengers, Dance Me Pregnant, The Third Men, Sarah Benck and The Robbers, Coyote Bones, Life After Laserdisque, Ted Stevens, McCarthy Trenching, Neva Dinova and Little Brazil. Mello tells me there will be burgers and Italian sausages and so forth available if you plan on eating something with your booze. I forgot to mention in yesterday’s write-up that DJ’s Double Trouble w/ MC Candlepants will be spinning it inside after the bands finish at 11.

Also Saturday night, Harvey Sid Fisher plays at The Waiting Room with Miracles of God, Alex McManus and Simon Joyner. The stars should align as the king of rock astrology, Harvey Sid Fisher, plays his sing-songy Sesame Street-style ballads dedicated to the 12 signs of the zodiac, which became a staple on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as well as the Midwest indie music circuit. Fisher brings the stars to life with lyrics that even doped-up followers of astrology will understand. For example: “Talkin ’bout the Taurus, talkin’ bout the bully bull bull…” Moo. $7, 9 p.m.

Sunday it’s all about the hair of the dog with three hot shows. (Hey, we all have Monday off, remember?).

At The Waiting Room, Kyle Harvey opens for Anders Parker. $8, 9 p.m.

At O’Leaver’s, it’s Outlaw Con Bandana with Or Does It Explode and Darren Hanlon. 9:30, $5.

At Slowdown, it’s Brooklyn 4-piece Dirty Projectors with Yacht and FTL Drive. $8, 9 p.m.

Cold Call…

Cormac O. Caoimh, Start a Spark (self released) — I really wanted to like this one. I mean, the guy’s from Cork, Ireland, for god’s sake. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough here to make the disc memorable. Caoimh sounds like Paul Simon during the slower, quieter numbers, then turns into Chris Stamey or Tommy Keene on the power-pop ballads — all very admirable, too bad the music is so simplistic (and isn’t helped by a mix that puts Caoimh’s voice too far out front). Still, he throws in a few zingers, like the line, “No one’s gonna notice your tears if they fall into the sea” (from “Deep Sea Diving”), or when he pulls it back and brings it up on keeper “Running from the Raincloud.” Still… Rating: No.

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