The Berg Sans Nipple, The Faint tonight (sold out); GOO; Filter Kings at TWR…

Category: Blog — @ 12:29 pm June 14, 2007

The Faint start a two-night residency at Sokol Auditorium tonight with a sold-out show that features Team Love recording artist The Berg Sans Nipple. I’m listening to Along the Quai as I type this (you can too, here). I’m actually looking more forward to seeing them than The Faint, who I just saw at The Waiting Room a few months ago. Other than maybe 311, no other band with Omaha origins puts on a funner show, especially if you’re 16 and uninhibited. Yeah, I know, 311 blows musically blah-blah-blah, but there’s no denying that they get a crowd into it. I know from personal experience, having been caught up in one of their pseudo jump/moshpits at a Ranch Bowl show 100 years ago, a scene that I’ve seen repeated at every one of their shows since (from a distance, that is). The Faint also get the crowd jumping, from the stage back to the soundboard, a hot, sweaty dance ritual served up at ear-splitting decibels (bring your earplugs, you’ll need them). The Berg Sans Nipple doesn’t play dance music, or at least this album doesn’t sound like something that would get teens doing a sloppy Midwestern version of The Pogo. The duo plays spacey, ambient rock that borders on trip-hop, with some nice rhythms and pretty bell-keyboards, synth noises and loops. I like it. I’m not sure the kids will get it, though. Also on the sold-out bill tonight is Brooklyn synthmasters Services, who probably will get the crowd moving. If you don’t have tickets tonight, a second Faint show has been added tomorrow night with Eagle*Seagull and Flowers Forever ($15).

Directly following The Faint is the “soft opening” of GOO at Slowdown. Val Nelson says GOO is a “party for dancing” hosted by Jacob Thiele and Todd Fink of The Faint, as well as Derek Presnall from Tilly and the Wall/Flowers Forever. “The basic concept is a dance party. All night the previously mentioned gentlemen will be spinning records,” Val said. Maybe as much as a concert space, Slowdown is well-designed to host this sort of rave-up dance party (though I’m not sure the room is properly equipped with the necessary strobes). Admission is free, and this is an 18+ event (according to Val), which would seem to fly in the face of the all-ages policy at Slowdown. Sorry kids.

Also tonight, The Filter Kings open for Wayne Hancock at The Waiting Room. $12, 9 p.m.

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