Final thoughts on Slowdown; Lazy-i wins an award; Fathr^, Ladyfinger tonight…

Category: Blog — @ 5:41 pm June 12, 2007

A few final observations on Slowdown before we move on to other things. The spotlight has been on the club for a couple weeks now. The hype machine is beginning to wind down, as it does with every shiny new toy (even though we haven’t really had a chance to play with it very much). I went there last night, just to catch the ambiance on an off night, a night without live music, without crowds. There was only a handful of people there — maybe 10? — at 8 o’clock. A young couple played Chinese checkers in the booth next to ours, while on the other side, the owners and bookers talked shop out of earshot (I got my drink instantly, btw, though it wasn’t a Rolling Rock).

In the light of early evening, with its divider wall secured, blocking off the stage, Slowdown isn’t that much different than any other classy West Omaha lounge but with better furniture and a sense of openness provided by those glass garage doors and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to an empty field to the West, a field that one day may hold a baseball stadium. The music was low-key indie rock piped over the house sound system at levels that allowed conversation but not whispering. I assume it got rowdier after 10. It was, after all, a Monday night, and who parties on Mondays? A nice, comfortable place to grab a drink.

* * *

It dawned on me that I forgot to mention that Lazy-i was honored with the 2007 Excellence in Journalism Award from the Omaha Press Club. The category was “Best Column-Print,” and the entry was the Fun City column that ran last June. Judges consisted of editors from the East Bay Press Club, San Diego Press Club, and the LA Press Club. Among those presiding over the awards banquet June 2 was Omaha World-Herald columnist Robert Nelson, or so I’m told. I wasn’t there to accept the award, having found out last-minute about the competition (I didn’t even know I was entered). Anyway, it’s an honor, and I look forward to seeing the award plaque if I ever get out to The Reader‘s new offices on 24th and M.

* * *

When was the last time you were at Sokol Underground? It’s been months for me. Well, there’s a good reason to venture down tonight: Ladyfinger and Fathr^ are opening for Hydrahead artist Big Business (ex-Murder City Devils, Melvins, Karp, The Whip) and Relapse artist Minsk (ex-Buried at Sea). Collaborating for this Fathr^ performance will be James Cuato (ex-Jazzwholes) on saxophone. Tickets are $10 via Ticketmaster (that’s right, this isn’t a One Percent show). 8 p.m.

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