Elvis goes sailing tonight…

Category: Blog — @ 12:31 pm April 4, 2007

With a name like Elvis Perkins, I figured this guy for a twangy rock-a-billy dude when in fact he’s more of a Neil Young/Dylan folk rocker complete with acoustic guitar, harmonica, subtle organ, and spare back-beat drums. Further research reveals that he’s from New York and that his CDs come out on UK label XL Recordings. He plays tonight at The Waiting Room with Let’s Go Sailing, a band that crows that it’s had two songs played on the March 22 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, including one during the end sequence! That’s sales gold, just ask The Frey. Their music is breathy female vocals (a la Azure Ray) sung over kicky, laid-back, cello-powered indie rock, perfect for that very special episode of, well, Grey’s Anatomy, a show that I’ve never seen before because I have this aversion toward any cop/lawyer/doctor dramedy inhabited by fashion models who wind up sleeping with each other by the end of the first season. $8, 9 p.m. That’s it for today. No column this week, as all that space was eaten up by the Bright Eyes feature, which goes online here tomorrow.

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