Coyote Bones, Eagle * Seagull, The Family Radio tonight…

Category: Blog — @ 5:50 pm April 12, 2007

Coyote Bones is playing tonight at The Waiting Room with Eagle*Seagull and Nik Fackler’s The Family Radio. Coyote Bones’ new CD, Gentleman on the Rocks, is the first release on the Omaha-based collective Coco Art, whose roster includes Flowers Forever (featuring frontman Derek Presnall of Tilly and the Wall), and legendary bassist/singer-songwriter Dereck Higgins. Gentleman includes guest appearances by Maria Taylor, Neely Jenkins, Nick White, Andy Lemaster, Orenda Fink, Matt Baum, Dan McCarthy, Presnall and Higgins among others, with recording credits that include Joel Petersen’s basement.

The all-star support team is bound to get plenty of attention. Yesterday Pitchfork — the arbiter of all things indie — posted a story about the record and its cast of contributors (here), which is bound to up the audience size at Coyote Bones tour stops. The bottom line: Thom Yorke, Beck and Michael Stipe can bang a tambourine on your new CD but it won’t mean a pile of doo-doo unless the songs are there. And Gentleman delivers. It’s hands down the best locally produced non-Creek CD that I’ve heard so far this year, based purely on the song writing. Check it out tonight at TWR for just $7 or wait until their CD release show at Sokol May 5.

Cassadaga update: Cassadaga has moved up to No. 4 on the iTunes charts. Hits Dailydouble reported yesterday that Cassadaga “is the week’s most impressive debut, with early numbers indicating it could hit the 50-60k mark, powered by big fan-site sales and a solid iTunes number.”

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