St. Paddy’s Day regrets, an evening with Kyle, Schlissel’s Grammy; Rademacher tonight…

Category: Blog — @ 6:49 pm March 20, 2007

St. Patrick’s Day was a bust. That’s the last time we go to The Dubliner on March 17. Oh, I love The Dubliner and its cavernous confines and indefinable stink. It really is the right place to be on St. Patrick’s Day. But the band that’s played there the last couple years is intolerable. It’s one thing to listen to badly performed Irish music and quite another to hear American music badly performed by a so-called Irish band. The last thing I want to hear on St. Patrick’s day is John Denver and God Bless America, but I got both on Saturday afternoon – just like last year. I’ve learned my lesson. Next year it’s off to the big, ugly, sanitized white tent outside The Raisin Head for The Turfman, unless a miracle occurs and The Turfman head back downtown.

So by 5:30 I’d had enough and went home for a much-needed nap, leaving me refreshed for late-evening cocktails at The Waiting Room, where I caught sets by Sleep Said the Monster and Kyle Harvey. SStM played nice, mid-tempo indie rock that bordered on radio pop. What they lacked in memorable melodies they mostly made up for in musicianship. Kyle Harvey poured out another in a series of emotional acoustic sets, this time accompanied by the recently returned Reagan Roeder, who just moved back to Omaha from Wichita. Roeder played some sort of mini-Moog-type keyboard that made lonely sounds to match Kyle’s lonely music. The effect was pleasantly haunting, and while I like Kyle’s style, he could mix it up a little. I like a mournful ballad as much as the next guy, but after three in a row I’m ready for any slight variation.

A follow-up to this column on Dan Schlissel’s Grammy Award: Dan e-mailed yesterday to say he is, in fact, receiving a statuette in honor of his contribution to Lewis Black’s Grammy-winning record. Asked what he’ll do with it, Schlissel replied, “What do folks do with trophies? I don’t know as I’ve never gotten one before. Put it under glass on my mantle and look at it a lot, I guess.” Wonder how much it weighs…

Fresno’s Rademacher takes the stage tonight at The Saddle Creek Bar. The band plays gorgeous indie pop reminiscent of laid-back Pavement or early Malkmus solo stuff. I dig it. Take a listen to their Myspace, and then head on down. $5, 9 p.m.

And I just noticed on Slam Omaha that Cloven Path and Paper Owls are playing tonight at O’Leaver’s with Jodi Hates the World and Slow Car Crash. Probably $5, 9:30 p.m.

Tomorrow, Little Brazil.

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