49 at the ’49’r, Domestica at TWR tonight; The St. Patrick’s Day onslaught…

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My favorite holiday without exception is St. Patrick’s Day. It has all the accoutrements for a good time: Good music, good beer and the NCAA tournament. I will be spending my St. Paddy’s Day enjoying a pint or two down at The Dubliner, where I’ve spent it for the past 15 years, even though the better Irish band — The Turfmen — will be out at The Raisin Head. I’m sure there’s a good story that explains why Douglas County Public Defender Tom Riley and his crew left the smelly, dank confines of Omaha’s oldest downtown Irish bar for the swank, Village Inn-like setting of The Brazen Head, located in a West Omaha strip mall. I’m sure it probably involves money, too. Without The Turfmen at The Dubliner, my St. Paddy’s Day is a little bit more overcast, but I’ll survive.


I’m usually asleep by 7 o’clock on St. Patrick’s Day after an afternoon of mucky brown ale. And that will be a shame this year because there are a couple good shows going on Saturday night. But before we get to that:

Tonight at The 49’r Stephen Sheehan, former frontman of Digital Sex, The World, Between the Leaves, Bliss Repair and Missionary Position (included here because the name is so naughty) will be celebrating his 49th birthday with a special concert at The 49’r that will include a bevy of local musicians. They include Matt Whipkey, Sarah Benck, Kyle Harvey, Richard Schultz and Mike Fratt, as well as a number of “special guests” who Sheehan will not disclose. Those expecting to hear old Digital Sex songs will be disappointed. Instead, the band — which has been rehearsing all week — will be playing a number of Sheehan’s favorites. The fun begins at 10:30 and costs $3.

Meanwhile, over at The Waiting Room, Irish-style (more like Flogging Molly-style) Lincoln band The Killigans are playing a pre-St. Paddy’s Day set. Ah, but even more interesting is the opening act — Lincoln’s Domestica, featuring Jon Taylor and Heidi Ore of Mercy Rule, who by themselves are worth the $8 admission. That show starts at 9 p.m.

Tomorrow night, for those of you who will wait until after 8 to imbibe, Kyle Harvey is playing at The Waiting Room with Sleep Said the Monster and It’s True. $3, 9 p.m., while Blood Brothers, Celebration and Moon Rats are down at Sokol Underground, $12, 8 p.m.

If I missed any notable shows, post them here.

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