The Terminals tonight, Ladyfinger tomorrow…

Category: Blog — @ 1:23 pm January 26, 2007

Why no update yesterday? Because nothing happened. It slows down like this every year ’round these parts. There’s a lot of things percolating, however. Lots. But none of it is happening for another month. Which brings us to this weekend.

When I sat down to write this, the only show (that I knew of) that piqued my interest was tomorrow night’s Ladyfinger gig at Sokol Underground with No Action, Paria and The Stay Awake — all for a measly $7. But waitaminit… glancing at Slamomaha, there’s a post about a Terminals show at The 49’r tonight. I tried to get more info at The Niner website and discovered that it no longer exists. The show is confirmed at the Terminals myspace page, however. Also on the bill, The Pink Socks (here’s a City Weekly piece about them). Should be lots of fun.

What else? O’Leaver’s calendar shows only one show this weekend — tomorrow night with three bands that I’ve never heard of. But you never know what’s going on at O’Leaver’s anymore since their online calendar is rarely updated. Looks like the Saddle Creek Bar is trying a metal show tonight (from Columbus Nebraska, no less). There’s also an interesting-sounding show at Mick’s tonight from a singer/songwriter named Krista Detor. No idea what her music sounds like, though it comes highly recommended.

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