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Category: Blog — @ 6:48 pm January 16, 2007

Brendan’s flying solo on this one since I haven’t heard it. I usually download everything I pass his way so I can chime in with my comments. Unfortunately, I must have missed this one, so you’re just gonna have to trust him

1090 Club, Shipwrecked on Shores (Side-Cho) — SOS is the debut from the four-piece rock ensemble 1090 Club from Billings, Montana. I use the term “ensemble” instead of “band” quite intentionally. At first listen, this album doesn’t sound like it was made by a rock band. It is meticulously orchestrated between violin, guitar and piano. The parts flow fluidly between one another and are locked into time and place by extremely technical and spot-on drumming. When you add 3-and 4-part vocal harmonies, it only gains strength and momentum. The culmination is a wonderful rock album with catchy pop riffs that will stay in your head for days. Rating: Yes — Brendan Greene-Walsh.

A last-minute reminder. Tomorrow is the deadline to enter the Lazy-i Best of 2006 Comp CD giveaway. The disc includes tracks by Yo La Tengo, Simon Joyner and the Fallen Men, Scissor Sisters, Junior Boys, Cursive, Cat Power, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Royskopp, Ladyfinger, The Terminals and more (see the track listing here). All you have to do is e-mail me ( with your name and mailing address and you’ll be entered into the drawing. Deadline is tomorrow, Jan. 17.

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