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Category: Blog — @ 12:35 pm October 11, 2006

Yes, that STNNNG interview just went online (read it here). Frontman Chris Besinger was one of the better interviews I’ve had in recent weeks. Translated: He was funny and engaging, as opposed to dry and boring. In addition to mocking Wayne Coyne and Chris Machmuller, Besinger talked about his leather glove, his love of Omaha, his new and old albums, and why he does what he does.

Among the quips I didn’t have room for in the article:

On how all cities have both a good music scene and a crappy music scene: “You can’t have a good scene without a crappy scene, they feed off each other. Sometimes when you’re on tour you just end up in the crappy scene, which is usually the people who are willing to give out their shows. About a week afterward, you heard from someone from that town who says, ‘Oh, you really should have played with this band or at this club.'”

On chicks at shows: “There aren’t any. If we were all gay guys, that would be awesome, because there’s not a whole lot of babes at our shows.”

On the fact their their new record is a “concept album”: “It turned into a concept album accidentally, a concept that doesn’t make sense. It’s kind of about things and people or animals that are two conflicting things at the same time. It’s not like one of those weird, unwieldy Pete Townsend or Pink Floyd concepts. I don’t want people to think we’re Tool or the Mars Volta.”

On text messaging during shows: “We opened a show for a friend of ours and it was a much different crowd than we’re used to. There was this dude up front texting on his phone, three or four rows back. I just wanted to get that phone and throw it against the wall. We’re a loud, crazy, out-of-control band and you’re sending a text message? NO TEXTING!”

On owning his first house in Minneapolis: “It’s weird. You end up at weird times of the day thinking ‘I own this house? I’m in my kitchen. I own all this crap.'”

On Prince: “He’s still very much in the mindset in Minneapolis. Prince was at one of our shows, but when I say he was at one of our shows, it was more like he ended up at 7th St. Entrance after we finished playing.” He went on to say Grant Hart is another local legend that still hangs out around town. “You see him all the time.”

And so on… Read the story, then go to the show Friday night. By the way, here’s the “Slowdown pic ‘o the week.” I should have put it online Monday. Click here to see a bigger version. And for those of you who complain about the picture on the Lazy-i homepage never changing — I’ve changed it twice in three weeks. So there! Please notice.

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