Guster’s new guy, Joe Pisapia (a Lazy-i exclusive)…

Category: Blog — @ 5:54 pm October 26, 2006

This really is a Lazy-i exclusive, and when I use the word “exclusive,” I mean unlike most of the interviews seen here, this one won’t appear in The Reader. It doesn’t mean that no one else in the Omaha community printed an interview with Guster. In fact, the reason this won’t appear in The Reader is because the interview was “called” by another writer weeks and weeks before I asked for the story. Instead of walking away, I still wanted to see what the men from Guster have been up to since the last time I interviewed them (here). And as a tip o’ the hat to the power of online webzines, the band’s publicist and the band agreed to do an interview with good ol’ Lazy-i. So here it is. Enjoy it, and also go to the One Percent Productions website and buy a pair of tickets to the Halloween night Guster concert at Sokol Underground. I know that a majority of Lazy-I Omaha readers will likely be downstairs at the Underground that same night, where Now It’s Overhead will be playing with Summerbirds in the Cellar & Coyote Bones. I don’t blame them. But if you’re a Guster fan and never been to a Guster concert, you’d be well-served to make your way upstairs that night (NIO was just here a few months ago, anyway). And, gosh, when was the last time you got to rub elbows with a more westerly-leaning Omaha crowd?

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  • Oops. The link is broken to the Guster article. Try this one.

    Comment by Tim — October 26, 2006 @ 6:22 pm

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