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Category: Blog — @ 12:40 pm October 6, 2006

This marks one of the best weekends of shows in quite a while, but before I get to that, a couple points of clarification brought to my attention via the Webboard and other devices (See, people really do use my webboard, mainly to complain, but that’s okay, too). First, concerning Commander Venus, one of the former members of the band pointed out that I had the line-up wrong. Yes, while the lineup listed in yesterday’s blog entry was technically correct (for one tour), the folks who actually played on The Uneventful Vacation were Conor Oberst, Robb Nansel, Tim Kasher (of Cursive/The Good Life) and Matt Bowen, who’s been in a number of important bands, including The Faint. Matt also pointed out that Oberst was 17, not 14, during the CV days (He only looked like he was 14, apparently. He looks like he’s 17 now).

A couple people also pointed out my error in stating that The Dundee Dell no longer serves food. In reality, it’s the “old Dundee Dell” on Dodge St. that closed its kitchen, not the Dell on Underwood, which is the one that actually has the famous fish and chips. I’ve excised the error from yesterday’s blog entry. Apologies all around.

Moving on.

As I was saying, this could be one of the strongest weekends for shows in recent history. It starts Saturday night with two very hot shows:

First, Orenda Fink is playing a concert at The Healing Arts Center in the Old Market (at 1216 Howard to be precise), which, by the way, is a great place to see a show. Proceeds will benefit Filmstreams, the two-screen nonprofit indie movie house that’s going in as part of the Slowdown project (read about it here). Fink’s back-up band will consist of Adrianne Verhoeven, Dan McCarthy (McCarthy Trenching), and Corey Broman (ex-Statistics, ex-Kite Pilot). Suggested “donation” to get in is $25. The evening begins with an 8 p.m. cocktail hour (beer and root beer provided by Upstream Brewery, food and sangria provided by La Buvette). You’ll want to get there early, because space is limited.

Afterward (or after the game), truck on over to The Brothers for the debut of Domestica — Heidi Ore and Jon Taylor of Mercy Rule and Boz Hicks of Her Flyaway Manner. The show will be a veritable Speed! Nebraska showcase, with openers Ideal Cleaners and The Monroes. 9:30, $5.

And then, Sunday, the show I’ve been waiting for (we’ve all been waiting for, right?) for almost a decade: Yo La Tengo at Sokol Underground. Tickets are still available from for $15. Don’t miss this important show.

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