A weekend in Lincoln; Gillian Oberst tonight at the Rite…

Category: Blog — @ 12:35 pm September 15, 2006

I’m looking at the calendar and other than tonight’s Gillian Welch / David Rawlings / Conor Oberst concert at The Scottish Rite Hall (which, curiously, is still not sold out, according to the One Percent Productions website, where you can by tickets for $15) there ain’t a whole lot happening in Omaha this weekend. Actually, I don’t see a single show here in town worth commenting on, which is yet another indication that Lincoln Calling should have a banner year. I talked about the line-up yesterday and included a full schedule. Jeremy Buckley, who runs the event, lost the rights to lincolncalling.com — the festival website — but has since established a new site — lincolncallingfestival.com — which one would believe would have the most up-to-date schedule (although they failed to add the last-minute Gillian Welch afternoon show at The Zoo Bar yesterday that I hinted at in my column).

If I were going to the festival tonight, my first inclination would be to head to Duffy’s for the Ideal Cleaners/Virgasound/Domestica show, which starts at 9 and is a measly $5. But considering that 2/3rds of this lineup is bound to play at The Brothers in the coming weeks, I’d probably end up at Knickerbocker’s for The Show is the Rainbow / Heiruspecs ($9, 9 p.m.). Tomorrow’s early show choice is Jake Bellows and McCarthy Trenching at The Zoo Bar ($3, 5 p.m.). Buckley tells me this version of Trenching won’t be of the Oberst/Taylor variety, but should be just as good. My late show would be Neva Dinova, Little Brazil and The Golden Age at Knickerbocker’s ($8, 9 p.m.). The Golden Age will likely be hampered by the Husker game, but things should get rolling after that.

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