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Category: Blog — @ 12:34 pm August 23, 2006

The first new feature on Lazy-i in a month went online this morning, an interview with Omaha/Lincoln band Shinyville (read it here). Two of the guys from the band were kind enough to drive to Omaha from Lincoln for the interview last Saturday, while the third, Omahan Jaime O’Bradovich, corresponded via e-mail from a swanky film festival. One of the bigger surprises (to me, anyway) was that the band was formed via SLAM Omaha — that’s right, they met through the site’s music board. Just another example of how SLAM used to be a vital part of the Omaha music scene. The band says they still visit SLAM occasionally. “It’s not the resource that it used to be for me,” said frontman Scott Scholz, who went on to philosophize, “The way SLAM decayed reflects issues we deal with all the time. Technology has developed faster than people’s ability to incorporate it into their lives.” Drummer Brian Alt had a more down-to-earth take, saying the site could become vital again “if someone took an active interest and steered off people who want to talk about boobs.” I agree with Brian, and I think SLAM is in the process of trying to do that now.

I suspect Shinyville’s show next Tuesday at O’Leaver’s will be a packed event, partially because of the name of the headlining band, Gays in the Military. If that doesn’t bring out the throngs (and thongs) what will?

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