No shows; Reviews Matrix updated; The real Lincoln Calling prelim announced…

Category: Blog — @ 12:26 pm August 14, 2006

No shows attended this weekend so no live reviews. Drat. You have a show you want to talk about? Post a review on the webboard. The Reviews Matrix has been updated and formatted for ’06. The ’05 Matrix is here, while the ’04 Matrix is here. Both are linked off the current Matrix. With intern Brendan lending a hand on reviews, look for this to be updated more often.

I heard from Jeremy Buckley, the organizer of Lincoln Calling, over the weekend and this year’s event — slated for Sept. 14-16 — sounds like it’s coming together rather well. If you haven’t already seen the preliminary line-up on Starcity Scene or SLAM Omaha, here it is:

Tie These Hands
The Show is the Rainbow
Neva Dinova
Little Brazil
The Golden Age
The Prids
Her Flyaway Manner
Spring Gun
Ideal Cleaners
Axes to the Sky
Tijuana Gigolos
The Jazzwholes
Forty Twenty
The Killigans
Mezcal Brothers
56 Hope Road
The Speech Impediments
This Is We
Youth In Asia
Jaeger Fight
Once A Pawn
Westside Proletariat

Jeremy tells me they’ll be splitting up the three Saddle Creek bands to help spread the crowd around (instead of having a one-venue, one-night Creek showcase). I suspect there will be more bands added in the near future. It looks like One Percent Productions is helping out again this year as well. Keep an eye on the Lincoln Calling website, which he promises will be updated soon.

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